Full comfort and safety for visitors

Protective shoe covers with metal toe-caps for persons conducting plant, magazine inspections and contemporary employees.

301 and 302 Protective shoe covers with metal toe-caps are ideal for persons conducting plant inspections, temporary employees and visitors at hazardous areas. Covers are made with steel toe cap, expanding rubber and microfiber uppers to maximize the lifetime of the product.

Art. 301 & 302 complies with the standard EN ISO 20345:2011 - protection against toe injuries.

The advantage of the toe-cap is its adjustability to various types of footwear.

They can also be used by many users. The greatest advantage is that they are reusable by different persons / visitors. They should be used by all visitors in order to minimize the injury risk. Protective Shoe Covers are dedicated to sectors such as: industry, logistics, warehouses.

Protective Shoe Covers


Shoe cover is available in three sizes:

35/39 40/44 45/50

Advantages of art. 301-10 full size range 35 – 50


Shoe cover 302-10 is available in three sizes:

34/37 38/41 42/45 46/48

Advantages of art. 302-10 model additionally includes a complete sole

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